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Cultural Association

+2 Cultural Association

Our + 2 Cultural Association is named B.B. College +2 Cultural Association.


The aims and objectives of the Association are to foster in we students the democratic spirit and inculcate in the minds of Higher Secondary students a sense of corporate academic life, Cultural activities and team work.


    • To organize discussions on academic and cultural aspects.
    • To organize debates, essay and art competitions.
    • To assist the other allied associations of the College such as DSA, Atheletics, SSG and Dramatic Society.

Membership Eligibility

Each regular student of +2 Classes of the College is a member of the Association & is eligible to cast their votes and contest for the office of Secretary and Asst. Secretary of the Association unless otherwise debarred.

Executive Body

  1. President-Principal (ex-officio)
  2.  Vice-President and Associate Officer(s) are nominated by our Principal.
  3.  Adviser and Associate advisers, College Union (ex-officio).
  4.  Secretary to be elected from among +2 Students.
  5.  Assistant Secretary from among +2 Students.
  6.  Class Representatives from each +2 Class.
  7.  In case no girl students contest in the election one girl representative shall be nominated by the Principal.


The Payment of subscription for the +2 Cultural Association is compulsory for students.

Other Rules

Students  can look up for other rules as laid down under College Union.

College Dramatic Society
  1. Our Dramatic Society is called the B. B. College Dramatic Society.
  2. All the Students of the College are the members of this Society.
  3. The Committee of management consists of-
    • Principal – Ex-officio President.
    • Vice-President – nominated by the Principal from among the staff members.
    • Associate Officer – may be nominated by the Principal from among the staff members.
    • Secretary – to be elected from among the +3 students.
    • Asst. Secretary :- to be elected from among the +2 students.
    • The Class Representatives from each class will be selected by the students unanimously in their respective classes.
  1. The aim and objectives of the Society are :
  • To encourage the cultivation of dramatic art among the members by arranging Dramatic performances.
  • To promote cultural activities like Dance and Music.

5.The Committee of management shall decide and fix the date and nature of performance to be staged and shall submit a statement of accounts at the annual General Body Meeting.

6.The Secretary shall convene meetings and keep records of proceedings of these meetings and he is also responsible for keeping up-to-date accounts.

7.If the Secretary or the Asst. Secretary fails to discharge their duties properly, they can be removed from the office.

8.The Principal may alter, amend or abrogate any of the rules at his discretion